Charnelle Bianca van der Ross

7 February ’93

Cape Town, South Africa


Hi! Ola! Bonjour!!

Welcome to LadiElle my very own Fashion and Lifestyle Blog. Portraying my intense passion for all kinds of art. Name any kind and I’ll be like “Yassss!!!”

As a kid I always knew that I would end up in the artsy side of life and through my schooling career that is exactly where I found myself.  I knew I could never really fit into the organised society, mostly because my head is all over the place bursting with ideas, jumping from here to there. I often find cute litto thrift stores, exciting food, interesting places or a new way to style something and never had a platform to show or share it…… until now.

As most of you will know by now that this blog name used to be TierraPaz, but I decided to change it to something easier to pronounce and remember due to the fact that when I meet people or want to collab the name always seems to be the hardest to remember. The name LadiElle came quickly to me as it’s the last part of my name and sounds a lot like my favorite animal which is an Elephant.

I work in Town as an Image Retoucher and I do photography/modeling on the side. I’m always on the go and never really want to sit still (unless it’s with a good book of course.) There’s still so much out there waiting for us to discover! I want to not only focus on Fashion, mainly because I don’t possess the qualities to dress up errday, but about life in general. I will be sharing short stories about myself and adding little videos where you can get a feel of me and an idea of who I am.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this journey with me as I explore the Fashion and Beauty that is Cape Town, SA.

“…. faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is Love.”           -1 Cor 13:13

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