Hello beauties! I don’t know about you, but most Mondays are not my “bright eyes and bushy tailed” days. Big and bright eyes from a whole lot of coffee maybe but definitely not when I have to think about what to wear early parts of the morning. Is it just me that feels that way?


That’s why I absolutely love this Athletic Long Tee from Factorie. It’s comfortable, yet I can basically just throw it on and go. Living that easy life (yes please and I thank you). Because it’s not body fitting it’s great for a sporty look, so I paired it up with my Nikes- the best shoes since Im based in Cape Town and lets just say I’m always on my feet. Plus, even though I feel like death, people get the idea that I’m so athletic and ready for the day, if that in itself isn’t a bonus then I don’t know what is!

The shirt (denim or checked) is a good way to add just a “lil sumtin sumtin” to your outfit to make it pop a little. Tied around the waist is a perfect way to show off a little body ‘contouring’. Pop on some sunnies and I’m ready to tackle the Daze that is Monday!

You’ve probably noticed the drink in my hand. I adore Kauai, it’s a healthy and fruity drink to not just wake you up (if you’re not in the mood for coffee) but to actually fill you up. With different flavours ranging from Berry Smoothies (like Strawberry Stinger- personal fave) to Power Smoothies (like peanut butter and whey protein) you’ll deffo find something for you!









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