Hello Beauties!! So, if you’ve noticed the mornings are getting a bit chilly, so you layer up like crazy because let’s face it, Cape Town weather is like bipolar. One minute it’s cold and the next you’re perspiring of the sudden heat. The only problem with this is that halfway through the day you realize that this morning, you put on all the wrong clothes!! (the struggle is real)


With weather like that it’s hard to decide what to wear because you’re either going to be boiling (#sweat) or having frostbite on every part of your body (literally, no chill). Seriously, every morning I’m like “okay, do I chance it for wellington booties and thick jerseys or do I suffer at about 12 when I look an eskimo in the sahara desert?”

*side note- does anyone else spell stressed backwards (dessert) so that you know you don’t mix it up with ‘desert’…..or is it just me?*

Evidently, this calls for some mix and matching of the seasons. I love wearing my summer dresses and pairing it up with jerseys and boots- not only am I warm and cute but if the weather decides to do a Chinese Fire drill, I just slip off my top layers and I’m readayyy to pardaayyy. This, I feel, is a bulletproof way of dressing when the seasons are in mid change. It’s easy to adjust and like urm seriously, who doesn’t look cute in a pair of boots- Especially guys, ladies am I right??

If the weather permits (if it’s not too windy and I don’t have to go chasing after it) I like to carry around my hat for just incase I want to up my look a bit. You can never go wrong with a good hat, it literally does something else to your outie!

IMG_9335abc IMG_9077a IMG_9207a IMG_9242a

DRESS Forever21 | JERSEY Factorie | BOOTS Cotton On |




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