Hello Good looking!!  I can only speak for myself when I say that I am a complete food junkie! Seriously though, if you want me to meet you anywhere or do something for you and my reward is food, then hell yeah sign me as in!! A while back (when I was still studying) I happened to stumble upon this market, that I today still love attending and basically telling everyone I know about it.


The Earth Fair Food Market is seriously the place to be if you’re tired of basic food that you can get at any other food outlet. This market is filled with yummy goodies and if you think you’re gonna go just to ‘check it out’ I promise you, you will be leaving with a 3 course meal and a side order of “I need more of that”. With their little stalls (think pop up) ranging from fruits and veggies to sushi, nuts, chocolate and even potjie-kos (South African dish) you wont be sorry! You’re welcome in advanced.

The EFFM is on a Thursday from 12pm till 3pm (sometimes it extends till 6pm) at St. Georges Mall in Cape Town’s city bowl (upper St Georges Mall, off Wale Street, opposite the Cathedral). It’s not only the perfect place to spend your lunch time but also the perfect place to take your friends to. You can either choose to sit down on the little table and chairs they provide or take a stroll to the Cape Town City Gardens and have a little picnic enjoying the scenery.

With the different aromas in the air it will definitely pull you in, like those old cartoons where you get drifted in by the smell of something delish. Yaaasss!! Not only are there multiple food choices but there’s clothes and little trinkets to buy for someone you love. So, with a lot to choose from head on down to the EFFM on a Thursday and give your tastebuds a pleasant surprise.













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