Good day Lovelies! “WINTER IS COMING”….. sounds a litto too Game Of Thrones? Well, I am a huge fan teehee. So yes, Winter is almost upon us and frankly I cannot wait. Warm jerseys, hot mugs of coffee/hot chocolate, blankets and staying inside with some big ol’socks on. Ahhh….bliss


I’m more of a summer baby myself but Winter does have it’s perks. I love to layer up to keep warm and here I added my poncho to just a simple black dress. Ponchos come back every year, every winter so it’s good to invest in ones that you like. You can never have too many ponchos! The normal colours to go for would be the blacks and browns but I figured why not just add colour so I don’t walk around looking like I’m about to attend a funeral.

I matched it up with my cute litto vintage hat that I got at Call It Spring and my stockings and shoes that I got from Edgars. Now all I need is a hot cup of Latte in my hand and I’m ready for Winter!

What’s your favourite thing about Winter??








                  PONCHO China Town |  HAT Call it spring  | SHOES Edgars



  1. Michaela Nichole Visser Reply

    You are really good at this. Looks so amazing! well done!

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