Hello there sunshines, what a long week this has been. I am beat out tired and I’d like nothing more than just sitting under the blankies, with some big ol’pajamas on, having a good warm cuppa coffee. You feel me?


I love, love, LOVE hats (okay and caps) and even though it’s a struggle to get it to fit over my bush of curls I still get excited whenever I can wear one. I got this hat from Woolies and I choose the grey one mostly because it’s a timeless colour and I can basically get away with wearing anything with it. Naturally I paired it with a grey body fittting dress (I basically died trying to fit into it) and my black booties. There’s so many varieties of hats to choose from, if you don’t already possess a cool hat then what the heck are you waiting for?? Basically every store is selling them so you just have to find one (or 5) that fit you well.

For more of a laid back look I swopped the Hat for a snapback Cap. It just simplifies or “tomboys” the look a bit and I love that. The casual I-look-hella-cute-but-I-didn’t-try-to-hard look. Hahaha, I know you know what I mean.







IMG_0163aab NECKLACE Lovisa  | HAT Woolworths 

Ooooo before I forget, you might notice that I went drastic with my hair….. it’s not the colour I wanted and naturally I went home and cried, teehee, but I’m changing it again.

*Have you ever cried after being at the hairdresser??*


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