Hello darls, what a busy week this has been. I pulled two all nighters in the hope of finishing my work and, with the help of lucozade and a lot of sweets I pulled through. Phew!! Did I feel like a zombie the next morning? yes! Would I do it again?……..Probably.


Those who know me know that I am crazily insane about vintage clothes. I love that to me it’s new but it’s actually old. There’s a lot of stories behind them and I love the “warm” type of feeling I get when hunting down for the perfect Vintage Item. It takes a while to find that item of clothing that makes you go “ahhhhhhhh…” but if you search hard enough then you’re sure to stumble across a gem.

I got this 70’s wrap skirt from Vintage And The City in Cape town, Long street. I fell in love with the colour of it mostly because I don’t own much green in my cupboard so adding this was great. It’s extremely comfortable and just the right length to play off flirty and cool but like “I woke up like dis”. I wanted to add a touch of modern with the Blazer (also because, Boy I’m grown!!) You must have picked up by now that i have an obsession with white things so adding my White heels from Woolworths was a no brainer!

If you’re into vintage finds then head on down to Long street and lose yourself in all the vintage stores. They have a wide variety of things to go crazy about, from dresses and pants to coats and shoes. I usually pop in at Vintage and the City so who knows, maybe I’ll run into you!




















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