Hello darlings, how has your week been so far? Public Holidays are soooo welcome but why a random day like Tuesday, can’t we get Monday as well? Teehee…… I hope that you made the most of your Youth Day!!



Tuesday I was out and about with friends and family at the V&A Waterfront. Just walking around in the shops (saw lots of cute stuffies!!) and had lunch, obviously (uh duh! girls gotta eat). Before we left home though I was wondering what on earth am I going to wear. I wanted to look good but moveable and since there’s so much walking around I couldn’t be too high from the ground.

I wore my high waisted jeans (that I absolutely adore!) I call it my “Mom jeans” because it’s vintage and the cut of it reminds of one of those old movies. It’s the type of jean that I wonder how many times can I wear it a week before it becomes unhygienic teehee.  A lot of people ask where did you buy that jean? Where can I get one?…. I got mine at Thank You . A vintage shop in Buitenkant Street that you should deffo go visit sometime soon.

I got this shoulder-peep jersey from Mr.Price Fashion. I instantly fell inlove when I saw it, it’s warm but still cute for winter with the shoulders showing through. This little cuts make for it to be a good Summers Evening wear as well! #doublescore It also comes in white and even though I’m a white fanatic I opted for black this time around.








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