Good day beautiful people, How ya’ll doing? I’m great thanks for asking teeheee……. So lately I’ve been hearing a lot about body shaming and how people aren’t happy with their bodies or with someone else’s.  Hold up, wait a minute let me put some truth up in it. *badoom tsss*

Abs are cool.  No abs are cool

Big butts are cool. Small butts are cool.

Having curves is cool. Not having curves is cool.

Being lean is cool. Not being lean is cool.

Having muscles is cool. Not having muscles is cool.

You know what’s not cool? Telling someone else how they should or shouldn’t look.

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I think, personally, that being healthy is more important and what people should strive for. If you have a little tummy flab or your thighs touch then it’s okay as long as you’re happy and healthy. The media portrays this idea that females are supposed to have big boobs, tiny waists and huge butts and the only person I know that has achieved similar to this is Kim Kardashian (and even she has gotten work done) The guys that want to be like the gym-dudes because they “get all the girls”, you’re spreading yourself thin man, you got more to offer than just your muscles/abs.

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We make people feel like what they’ve got isn’t good enough or laugh when they’re a bit different to us. Just because it’s not to our own preference doesn’t make it wrong. Let people say what they want, You do you boo!! Your body is your temple and sometimes your temple wants some cheesecake


If you want to look good though there’s small changes you can make that are manageable, hit the gym, swop out all the luxuries and pop some fruits in there. Accept that there are some things you just can’t change but that’s what makes you You. Also, make the changes because you want to not because you want someone to like you or to be like someone else.

It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not


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