Hi! Okay, so I know for a fact that I am not a make-up Guru and I’m not going to act like I am. But, as a female yes I like to paint my face every now and then. We are a work of art after all……. are we not? Which brings me to the topic of Make up Essentials- what every girl needs to have.


I was out in Canal Walk not to long ago and was going there with the idea that I need to update my Make-up Kit and while I’m at it, get a new set of brushes. Now ladies, we all know how important a good brush is when applying Make-up. I browsed around and found this Pro MakeUp Brush Set from Forever21. They had different type of packages but I got this one as it had more brushes to choose from. There’s a liner brush (lip), Brow, Foundation, Shadow and Powder brush in this kit…. feels good to just type all those words out *secret pleasure*


The foundation that I’m using now is from Yardley. Whipped Matt Mousse Foundation, I like this because it’s not runny and is a perfect combination of liquid foundation and powder. It gives a velvety powder finish to the face and I absolutely love that. There’s this really good bronzer I saw at Yardley but when I wanted to buy it they didn’t have stock! (sad much) Not everyone is into bronzers but I think it’s nice to use if you want to make your face glow a bit.


Next up, Mascara. This is my weekly obsession. This mascara from Maybelline is by far my favourite. The Rocket Volum Express not only elongates the lashes but makes it bolder as well. I can go a whole day with no other make up on but Mascara.


Eyebrows. Eyebrows. Eyebrows. I’ve been using this Eyebrow Stylish Set from Essence for quite some time now and I must say I’m loving it. It comes with 3 stencils to shape your brows (if you want tom or you can just go freehand): small brow, normal brow and high brow. I got this particular set from Clicks and have been telling anyone who isn’t confident to use pencils on their eyebrows, for fear of looking like a Picasso painting, to use this. Now you can also go out there and #Slay!


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