Hello beauties, I trust you guys have had a great weekend? I really am confused with the changing of the weather! It’s really cold and foggy and then just 15 minutes later I’m dying of the heat. Urghhh….. this makes dressing up really tough.


I was at Canal Walk this weekend, (hashtag payday- teehee) and came across this absolutely gorgeous pair of sneakers. These High Tops from Adidas are my fave by far! It’s comfortable and chic, yet edgy. I’m a sneaker kind of girl so naturally I fell in love with these shoes the moment I saw them. I’ll choose sneakers over heels any day (would take bare feet over all though….. teehee). I choose this pair because of the colour and style. It can go with just about anything that I’m wearing, I can go from looking like I’m about to go play some ball or like I’m going on a date. That’s how versatile it is.

The normal looks for High tops or sneakers are Jeans and jackets, or, for a more “at home” look it’s paired with track pants and hoodies. I thought I should change it up a bit, so I threw on my long-ass coat from Thank You and just layered up with some jerseys and voila!:

Relaxed Date Night Outie.

Yes yes yes I know, that’s a very bright orange jersey!! Teehee…… but I thought, why not play it a little out there you know? break free from the black and whites.

This look is down to earth, laid back but still classy. Especially with this changing state of the weather, every person (guys and girls) needs a good coat in their closet. It seriously makes a big difference to a simple jeans and jacket look.











 SNEAKERS Adidas | COAT Thank You

Photography @Micheala_Visser


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