Good day beautiful people!! Geez, feels like I haven’t posted since last year, ok ok I’m being dramatic but it has been ages! I have had a hectic 2 weeks and I’m finally back on my feet! So, um any one willing to give me a massage (pulling out the “pretty pleases” from my pocket)…….??


Those of you who have been reading my blog or following me on Instagram might’ve picked up I have an obsession with anything vintage, well……..A while back I bought this stunning milky-white leather high-waist pants from Vintage and the City and I’ve been waiting and waiting to wear it.  You know when you have something you love, say an outfit,  and don’t want to waste it on an insignificant day? YUP, that’s exactly what I didn’t want to do. Teehee, a little bit ridiculous really if you ask me.

It’s the season to scratch in your cupboards and bring out all the fur you own! Fur is a major IN this time around and you can’t go wrong with having a fur coat or a fur throw over. It can transform your outfit from normal to glam faster than you can say “bobsmockle”. Not only does it make you look stylish but it keeps you warm as well, ummm did someone say Bonus?? If you do not already own a fur coat then make sure to purchase one, Pronto! It’s a good investment as fur never really goes out and you can find one that you love at any store.

I usually stick to safe colours like blacks, browns and nude (as it is interchangeable with outfits) but I decided to live on the edge and go for this Pink one. I had it in my hand, walked around with it doubting whether I could make it work, put it back on the shelf…. only to return an hour later to eventually buy it. The struggle is real!!

*When In Doubt, Buy It*






PANTS Vintage&theCity  |  FUR COAT  Mr.P  | SHOES YDE

Photography: Jayme Stuurman


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