Good morning Sunshines, what a beautiful day it is in the Mother City. The sun is up, I feel alive and the only downer is that my nose is blocked from the up-down weather we’ve been having. Arrrggghhhh….


I really do feel alive, like something new is about to happen. I dont know what it is exactly but dangit I’m excited (teehee). Some days I dress up but I’ll be honest, other days I just throw on a jean, a tee and some sneakers and away I go. As a blogger I should probably say I look flawless everyday. But let’s just be real, “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat”. Hahahaha, but I was browsing around through Mr.P and came across this really cool tee.

Not only is it badass- it has empowering and dope words on the back with slits on the side- but the colour is Olive green which is a IN for this season. Seriously, anything in Olive green you won’t go wrong with. Tops, Jeans or even jackets (even shoes, like mine) in this colour will be a good investment as it compliments all skin colours. I rounded it off with my ripped jean and this awesome Denim jacket that I got at JayJays.

Denim jackets is a closet must have. I was looking for one that “spoke to me” (hahaha) because I wanted a certain style and certain colour, I waited patiently and Voila! You can get a pair at any shop as it’s making a major comeback for this season. Plus, it looks so cute when you throw it over a dress or tee in summer. See, buying things that can be used in more ways than one is a definite YES YES YES!!!
















TOP Mr.P | JACKET JayJays | SHOES Fashion Express

Photography: Ashwin Bennett


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