Hi beauties, so I was reflecting not too long ago about the people in my life and the relationships I have with them. And over the years I’ve learnt a lot that I think could help some of you, I’ve got a long way to go still but I think I have some good old knowledge from experience to share……

Let’s talk boyfriend/girlfriend: So as a young person with many people my age getting married or having kids I get asked this question way more than I’d like to admit “do you have a bf?”, “why are you single?” And most of the time when I can see those are the words that are going to come out of said persons mouth I make a beeline for the door! Other times I reply with “no” to which I get that sympathy look like “don’t worry you’ll find someone”.  But that’s the thing, why cant my life as is make me happy? why is that such a weird thing for people to understand?

Then I read somewhere that even though we have all these subjects at school on how to solve this and that, but, they never taught us how to love ourselves and why it’s so important to.

You can’t love someone with everything you are if you don’t love yourself….. Being in a relationship wont heal you and being single wont kill you.


Don’t date in High school, yeah that’s right I said it. Yes, you’re gonna crush hard on someone. Yes, to you they are like the stars in the sky…. but hold out. You have much better things to focus on, like your studies. I promise you, it’s going to be worth it. You would’ve gone through high school with more time for your friends, you’re saving money on valentines day + christmas + birthdays (hahahah) but also you won’t spend your nights crying over silly stuff.

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Look for adventure, seek new places, experience cultures, have fun together!! Do you really want to be partying every weekend so that some idiot in a forever 21 outfit can step on your shoes?

We all deserve someone who treats us like we are the best thing that’s ever happened to them, like they want us to keep happening to them for a long time. Who, steals your selfies and brags about you to their friends. Who, gives you the last chip in the bag. Who, picks you flowers and sings you songs (even if they sound like a dying mule). Who, never lets you forget how beautiful you are. Hold out for that.

We are all a main character to someone, we just have to wait for the person who buys the whole book instead of paging through it before returning it.




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