Hey Beauties!! Waking up in the morning is so much easier now that I don’t have to go brush my teeth with my blanket wrapped around me for warmth, or, having to dread getting dressed because that means I have to expose my body to the cold. Brrrrr……Thankfully a thing of the past.

With summer well on our doorstep and with the sun promising to be good to us, I’m sure everyone is running around looking for swimwear that’s going to make them look like a hot bomb on the beautiful beaches of Cape Town. So many people work their butts off during the year to show off their hot bods come summer while the rest of us carry on eating our hamburgers and doughnuts praying for a miracle when summer hits!! (I’m so guilty, those doughnuts though..mmmmmm).

I’ve put together some cute swim essentials you can get this season…..



1. Triangle Fringe Bikini Top – R199.00

2. Tie Side Fringe Bottom – R199.00

3. Chunky Cat Eye sunglasses – R170.00

4. One-shoulder bikini top – R149.00

5. Bikini bottoms – R149.00

6. Swimsuit with flounces – R349

7. Fringed Kimono – R320.00

8. High waisted bikini bottom – R89.99

9. Push-up bikini top – R229.00

10. Bikini bottoms – R149.00

11. Lace trim sunhat – R69.99

I fell inlove with “The Swimsuit with flounces” from H&M the moment I saw it online. It is so pretty and all the colours work beautifully together, it’s not a mess of business. I added the high waisted bottom because if you work with a black bikini bottom then you can basically go crazy with whatever colour, shape, or pattern you want to wear as a bikini top with it. *Mix and match*

You can’t go wrong with a good pair of sunnies and a big hat to look cute this summer, and please please please don’t forget your SUNSCREEN!! (I sort of sound like my mother now…teehee)


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