Hi lovelies!! I can not even begin to explain how happy I am to be posting again, geewizzzz I feel like it’s been ages. But, thankfully I am back and here to stay!


This year I decided to attend the Met, mostly because I haven’t been before (shock!) and because one of my best friends was judging at the Met. Which was totes cool in itself but the atmosphere and people at the Met was completely awesome. This years theme was “A Rare Blend” and let me tell you, some people really stood out from the crowd! There were insane and crazy garments and some realllllly pretty ones as well.

For my garment, I contacted Marvin from Romanesque_Online (Instagram handle) to throw together something beautiful but eye-catching. I wasn’t focusing too much on the theme but I knew I wanted to turn heads (know what I mean?). He put together this beautiful dress and I fell madly in love with it. He is such a humble guy and even though I am sure I had a jumble of words trying to explain what I wanted the dress to look like, he delivered a masterpiece that had everyone talking about it!






A little more about @Romanesque_Online

– Has designing always been something you were interested in?
-Well. Growing up, my parents would drop me at my grandparents’ when they’d go to work. My Gran had ALL her clothes specially made, and as I was with her for a chunk of the day, I used to go with her to her seamstress, “Ou Missus”. I remember those days vividly, in fact, I still remember the smell of that work room.

Also, like most of my friends’ Moms, mine also dabbled in dressmaking, and still advises me when there’s something I can’t quite figure out.
So my Gran and Mom were definitely the sparks that ignited the love that I have for this CRAZY industry.

When did you start Romanesque and what was your inspiration for the name?
Officially, the first dress I designed was in highschool for a friend, and then after that I did a few here and there.  Then in 2009 a friend of mine saw a dress and asked me if I’d designed and made it, ’cause as she said “it looked very Marvin Roman-esque”. She showed me the picture and it turned out that I did do the dress; which was VERY cool to know that she could identify my work. From that conversation, Romanesque stuck.

– Who/what are your inspirations?
It ranges, it really does. In fashion specifically, I’m forever inspired by the ingenuity of the Belgian designers, the sophistication of the French, and the determination of my peers in South Africa. I’m so in love with what’s happening on the scene here, there are SO many amazing new designers doing amazing work.

– Describe your design style?
As a designer I’m particularly intrigued by how and why woman dress. Beyond trend, beyond fashion, I always find myself thinking “Why would someone wear this; what about this garment is going to pull at this woman’s heartstrings”? If I can’t answer that question, an idea is tossed.

We love working with really exciting fabrics, and using it in cool new ways. And at the moment we’re obsessed with exploring new silhouettes. With that said though, the style I design around is one of effortlessness. Even though our garments can sometimes take weeks to complete (what, with perfecting silhouette and fit, and embroidery and beading) we try not to make our pieces look “worked”.

Who is your client market, and where can your garments be bought?
We’re a small team, and at the moment, we’re still fine-tuning our brand and seeing what it’s exactly about, and who we’re catering for.  We’ve got an idea of where we want to go, but we’re not setting our minds to too much at the moment – we’re just giving ourselves time to explore and find out what we’re about. We’re still small, so we’re allowing ourselves time to grow.

Hopefully soon we’ll have a studio-and-retail space, but for now we can be reached on info@romanesque.co.za if anyone wishes to book an appointment to have something made.

– Where would you like Romanesque to go from here, what’s in the future.
As I said, we’re allowing ourselves the time and space to grow, but what I personally would like for the brand, is to remain true to the ethos with which it was started: good design, good quality and timeless appeal. And if we get to dress really cool people – like yourself – along the way, then it’s all really great added bonuses.


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