Hi darlings! It’s long weekend coming up, like isnt that amazeballs??!! I am so stoked to just relax and the best part is: this week only has 3 working days…score!!


IMG_0666If you know me, you know I have an insane love for vintage things. There’s something about the clothing of item having it’s own background story that’s just totally awesome to me. Before me, this clothing had it’s own journey… I know, I know, getting all deep on ya’ll. Hehehehe

I picked up this number at a vintage store in Long Street CBD. Honestly, all vintage lovers should get your butts down here because they have everything (I mean everything!) that your heart desires.

I paired this “Mom Jeans” as I like to call it with a stripe top from Foschini and Heels, just to spruce it up abit. Perfect look for date night if you don’t wanna get all dolled up but still look chic and cute. For a day to day look, drop the leather jacket and add some sneakers for a more fun and sporty look.



TOP foschini | SHOES Woolworths


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