Hey beauties, Hope you are all well and slaying the game!!

Last week I was sent these cute pair of flip-flops (or cutie-patooties as I like to say) from a company called Chilloes.  Upon opening the package I was greeted by a beautiful pair of golden brown flops that I was totally fangirling over (can one fangirl over a shoe?? -shrugs). I immediately tore off my socks and slid my feet into the most comfortable flops Ive ever tried on before. My favourite part is the little flower on the strap which I think is such a pretty touch. They feel sturdy so you know that in a few months they wont be worn out or broken (so much win!).


Chilloes was founded by Shani Joubert in 2014 and based in the relaxing and tranquil coastal town, Ballito. It is a trendy fast-selling brand for the whole family! They have many different designs that you can choose from and they keep their collection updated so you will be guaranteed to be in style while Your toes are still chilling!!. 


Their On-Line store and App will be launching soon with the new spring collection, you can build your own and get creative!


If you go on their website (click here) you can even create your own flip-flops! You can add your own bling-bling to it to make it more funky and personal… the best part, is that they are affordable as well so be sure to check them out and get creative with your flops!

Check out their site as they are involved with Fundraisers for schools (this is great for all children you know in school as this could help tremendously!)

Chilloes ‘Empowering Schools’

Schools will offer a DIY package to their students and their “customers” (this option is very appealing with customers). The DIY option will allow the customer to choose and assemble his/her own combination of sole (base), strap and ‘bling’. Enabling your customer to have a unique design combination chosen by himself/herself. 

The school then receives 30% of all purchases in commission. This way we give back to our supporting and loyal community as a way of saying “thank you”.


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