Hi beauties, hope you are all well, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to tackle this week.

For a while I’ve been looking for a white jean that fits my body properly. I am sure all you ladies can agree with me that it’s tough especially since our bodies widen at certain areas. Finally I got the perfect high waist jean from The Fix in Canal Walk. Being in denial, I tried on a size I thought I still fit into it (big mistake as it wouldn’t even go up my legs) I had to settle for a bigger size. I see it as healthy eating…right??

It hugs my body perfect at the right places and while it’s a skinny, it’s still roomy enough to move around in. Olive Green (and maroons) are big for this season so I decided to pair white and greens together. It is always good to own a pair of white jeans as trust me, they go a long way and no matter what colour is in for the season, your white jean and some heels will make your outfit pop.



JEANS The Fix | SHOES Foschini  | BAG Woolworths | OLIVE TheFix | PINK Mr.Price


This top is so versatile which I love, it can be worn closed or open like a little throw over and the opening at the back adds a little sexiness to it. No one would expect to see that until you walk past them. This is great when it’s not that cold outside but if it is I’d advise you to take a jacket or coat with.

When I saw the way this shoe fit on my feet I fell in love (available in black as well). My advice is to “live a little”, and by that I mean don’t always go for the safe option. Liven things up and go for that pop colour, if you feel like you have nothing in your cupboard to wear it with the solution is very simple: Pair it with an all black outfit or all white and match your shoe to maybe a big chunky necklace and you’ll see how amazeballs you will look.


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