Hi beauties, I hope you all are keeping warm and snuggling up with a good cuppa coffee or hot chocolate!!

Last week, I attended the Media Lunch for Claire Allen. One of the top 10 finalists of Masterchef South Africa and who will be perfoming this year at the Good Food and Wine Show. I was so nervous but so excited to meet her and taste her yummy food (you guys know how much I love to eat hehe). She is delightful and so down to earth and she was so sweet to make all her guests feel welcome.


The lunch was held at the Poseidon GuestHouse in Hout Bay,let me first of all say: What a beautiful house! I would love to spend a weekend there and be in the heart of Hout Bay and just enjoy the scenery (check it out!)

For starters we had Cauliflower cream cheese sauce with crispy bacon (literally had me at bacon). Presentation was amazing and I couldn’t wait to dig in! It was smooth, creamy and the bacon bits brought my tastebuds to an absolute squeal! I’ve never had cauliflower soup before but now Im hooked!


We were fortunate to have a sneak-peek of the dish she will be preparing at the GFWS and the best thing about it is that the Angel Fish is on the green list. What green list you might ask? The list put together by the South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) who educates consumers and creates awareness around marine conservation issues. Please go check them out and find out how together we can start making a difference in our seafood industry.

Pan-fried Angel Fish with herbed gnocchi, seafood bisque, smoked avocado mousse and dill oil was the main dish. The part I really enjoyed is when Claire Allen came herself to pour our dill oil over our fish, it made me feel so homely and I think it was a great idea as a host to personalize her guests meal. It was, needless to say, amazeballs! Guys, You have to go and try it this weekend!!!



For dessert, three platters were prepared: Cheese platter, Fresh fruit platter and my favourite a Chocolate platter. With a huge variety set out everyones palette was taken care of. Simple but effective. I dived right into the chocolate platter as you can imagine (hehehe)




Claire Allen will be at the GF&WS (as I mentioned above) and will be at the Chefs Open Theatre on Friday and Saturday. The event runs from the 27th to the 29th, be sure to book your tickets here so that you dont miss out on some marvellous food! For more information on Claire Allen make sure to check out her website or follow her on her social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

Who is Claire Allen? (little background info)

I am a hard working, romantic and talkative person; a terrible speller with zero ball skills. I am creative, passionate, ambitious and determined. And a women who really believes Food Is Love!

Where and when did your love for food start?

Like most foodies my love for food was founded in a family who were always cooking. I believe we all have a connection to food and cooking, some of us just get the opportunity to explore it more.  At six I remember cutting up feta for a salad and thinking “I want to be a chef”. I can’t cut feta without thinking of that moment and remembering that feeling!

What is your favourite dish that you’ve cooked if you had to choose

First thing that comes to mind is the Apple Nougat Tart I made at my cold auditions for Masterchef. It’s a Tina Bester recipe that brings back incredible memories and feelings from the show in every bite.

What inspires you or who are your inspirations?

I am a very ambitious person; I wish I could say I was always this way but in matric I had a light bulb moment and have never turned back. I believe you need to eat, sleep and live your passions and dreams and I wake up every day with fire in my belly to achieve.

Whats next for Claire Allen? (2016/future goals)

Working on a fun, real and interactive cooking show!

Go on and buy your tickets to see this marvellous lady in action at her own demo as well as with Sipho. They are part of the ‘Short Chef Skinny Chef‘ and it’s a show you wouldn’t want to miss!

Check out this short video for some of the highlights:

See you there!



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