Hi beauties,

I happened to be in the room while my parents were deciding which coats they no longer wanted. My brain was like “yay vintage!” and thankfully I scored a beautiful well-kept coat from my mom. I fell in-love with it the moment it was in my hands and since then we’ve become good friends hehehe.


With the weather Cape Town has been having a good coat is an essential piece in your wardrobe. You can base your entire outfit around the coat or just throw the coat on afterwards if you want that extra warmth. I love the colour and length of the coat because once the buttons are tied I could be rocking tracks underneath and you wouldn’t really know (snickers). I paired this coat with my Nude Dress from YDE that I actually got a while ago, although there should be similar styles available in store. You could also do a high waist skirt and blouse tucked in for a similar look to mine. If it was really colder than on the day, a chunky knitwear would also compliment the coat and outfit.


If you don’t have a good warm coat then you can check out Superbalist for their wide range of beautiful coats. I would suggest that your first coat be of a neutral colour that you can mix and match your outfits with such as a black, grey, brown or camel. Once you have a basic colour, then feel free to go for red or blue when you’re feeling adventurous.


DRESS Yde | COAT Mom | SHOES Woolworths | HAT Mr.P 


The hat I got from Mr.Price in Adderley Street Cape Town. I am a huge fan of hats (although most of the time my hair is curly and natural- when I do my hair I love to wear hats as my crown) and this cut and colour is so beautiful for this season. Not only were there this colour but there were darker browns and shades of maroon as well, so you can choose the one you love.


I hope you guys keep warm this season and stay stylish!

Photographer: Chanelle Malambo 




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