Hey lovelies, Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I was away for the weekend in the beautiful Langebaan and lets just say I want to go back so so so bad arrrghhgghh….

I received this cute selfie light from House_Of_Haelo a few weeks ago (if you know me by now, you would know I like trying a product out before reviewing it so I can give my honest opinion) and I have been carrying it in my bag ever since!


It’s the perfect little gadget for all of us that are crazy about selfies (don’t lie, you know you’re guilty!!) The size is perfect to carry around with you so it’s always ready to use when you are in dire need of that perfect light, it clips easily onto your phone/laptop/camera so there’s no hassle at all.  I’ve noticed that the Lumee cases create a “yellow-ish” light when taking selfies or normal pictures but the great thing about this Ring Light is that it gives off an almost natural light and won’t make your images come out yellow and weird.



You can order yours from House of haelo and you can find them on Instagram or pop them an email at house_of_haelo@mail.com. The Ring light goes for R350.00 so make sure to place your order in ASAP!!


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