Hi Beauties, if you have a love for shoes and handbags then read on… especially if you love bold colours and creative prints.

South African actress and model, Aretha Bauwens, has launched her

eponymous collection of statement stilettos and wedges on www.arethabauwens.com.

From her humble beginnings in Venda, in a village called Khubvi, Aretha’s inherent passion for

success propelled her towards the City of Gold where she spent four years working for the SABC. It

was here that she landed the role of Thivhulawi on Muvhango, where she was contracted for two

years to the soap opera.

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Fashion may have come later but as a little girl, Aretha was always reworking her clothes. “My mom

would come home with a dress and I’d turn it into a top and a skirt”, she says. So in 2015 Aretha

finally started working on her collection of high quality PU heels, sending off her eye-catching designs

to a specialized factory in China. “I see them in my head, imagine myself wearing them and then I

convey my vision to my team who produce them”, say Aretha about her shoes. She recognises that

there are a lot of designers in South Africa but few focus on footwear. “I love challenges, and shoes

are a challenge with all the sizes and cuts, so I thought to myself, Aretha, you can do this.”


Her sophisticated shoes are designed to be worn through all the seasons. Inner soles have built-in

cushioning for added comfort while outer soles are a signature AB orange, evocative of fashion giant

Christian Louboutin. When asked what style every woman needs in her wardrobe, Aretha says the AB

Speed of Light, “you can’t go wrong with black”. Prices range from R1290 to R1990 for this current

collection. And this is not the extent of the Aretha Bauwens fashion brand – luxury bags and a full

clothing range are to follow later this year.


     Can you describe yourself in 3 words.

           Driven, classy, sophisticated.


      How did you love for fashion, shoes/bags start?

           I’ve loved fashion, bags and shoes since I was a little girl. I’ve always been attracted to these things.


       What influences you or sparks the creative juices for your designs/design process?

           I always try to design things that will stand out and not blend in. I think of where I want to wear that shoe or carry to that place or event and I try to make something that will stand out and be a bit out of place in a good way.

       What’s your favourite quote that you live by?

           If you can’t do your best in it, then don’t do it at all.


     What’s next for the AB line, What would you like to achieve within the next few years?

           Clothing and more accessories. I want to see myself as one of the best and biggest designers and brands in Africa,

           and that means a lot of work, dedication and focus.



Get in touch with Aretha Bauwens:

Facebook: Aretha Bauwens

Instagram: @ArethaBauwens

Twitter: @ab_by_arethabauwens



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