Hey lovelies,

A few weeks ago (I think it was 3 weeks ago) I shared a post on how you can make a small change in the lives of many females by donating your old unwanted nail polish to any Sorbet Store. From that they launched a new branch AMAZI under the Sorbet group and while there is one in Maynard Mall now they have another store in N1 City Mall (closer to those staying in the Northern Suburbs).

I obviously had to go check it out and had my nails done or as the youngsters say “I got my nails did”. The store was already busy with customers, some getting their nails done, getting their eyebrows done or waiting their turn for their pamper session.

I was very hesitant to get my nails done as I was terrified of that line/dent everyone speaks about when your nails grow out……Ummmm no thanks!! Thankfully, after I returned to get my nails soaked off I can happily say there were no lines and my nails looked so healthy! I recommend you go try it out, their prices are ideal for anyone wanting to treat themselves.

P.s It was so well done that I got another set did

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