Hey darlings, sometime ago I was fortunate to attend the TRESemme’ #MyVolumeRevolution launch, now as a girl with quite a lot of hair on my head already I was a bit skeptical on the “volume” bit.

These TRESemme’ new products are designed to leave your hair feeling soft and bouncy without you having to crunch it up or tilt your head forward to get that volume. I obviously had to give it a go to see if it really works. The Reverse System is just what it means, do it in reverse which means Condition first and then Wash (whaaaat??)

Condition first- we all know how great our hair feels after conditioning it, this product not only leaves your hair soft but it smells divine. Think fruity.


Shampoo second- although it sounds like an odd step to do after conditioning but it leaves your hair feeling fresh and clean. It might feel weird at first as we are structured to shampoo first but you will love the end result. img_7970a

After you dry your hair (towel dry) I added some Volume Maximizer and massaged that into my head working from the scalp down. This is the part where you can pretend you’re in a salon and go for gold on the massage part.


Before blowdrying my hair I added a little  of the Volume Mousse for extra volume and bounce and loved the results. The entire range leaves your hair smelling like you’re some tropical being and if you’re into bounce and life then this is definitely the range for you.


It left my hair bouncy and soft and if you follow my Snapchat (@tierrapaz1) you would’ve seen the demonstration they gave of how humidity won’t destroy your bounce or damage your hair. That wow’d us all!

img_7979a img_7983a img_7988aimg_7992a

  Now although this ‘Reverse System’ isn’t a new thing on the market and people have been reverse-washing their hair for awhile, the difference is that this range is specifically made for the reverse washing so that you don’t have to use normal shampoo and conditioner and swop it yourself, which ultimately won’t give you the bounce and softness you desire.


Photographer: @Ashwin Bennett




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