Hey all my Ice-cream lovers, Vegans Included, now that Spring has Sprung I think everyone is dying for some cold on a hot day (well, ice-cream is yummy on an any day)

A  little shop opened up awhile ago and I always wondered “what the heck is going on there”…. sooo I decided to cross the street and check it out for myself. It’s a cute minimalistic Ice-cream shop called Unframed located at 45C Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town.  They have 12 different flavours of which changes so today you might get Chocolate and next week it will be replaced by Caramel, that’s the adventure of it all!!



French-born owner Yann Rey has big dreams to revolutionise artisan ice cream in Cape Town. This Ice-cream caters for all those who are Vegans as well, instead of using Milk from animals to make the Ice-cream they use Coconut Milk (on some flavours) to meet all customer needs. It’s literally a win-win situation.


I went for a double scoop (I mean duhhh) where Speculoos was the bottom and topped it with Burnt White Chocolate. It was so smooth and delicious!! I have definitely found my favourite Ice-cream spot. Because there are many flavours to choose from and naturally we would want to pair the best together that’s where Mazvita comes in. He helped me match which flavours would work on my palette – after giving me a taste test of the flavours I liked- and obviously it tasted like a bomb.dot.com



You can add toppings if you’d like which you get if the Ice-cream is placed in a cup. I, myself, am a big fan of sugar cones so that was what I picked. This is the perfect spot for treating yourself or taking a loved one out for the best Ice-cream date they ever had.


p.s…. here are the outfit deets

TOP Mr.P | JEANS H&M | SHOES Cotton On | CHOKER Lovisa


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