Hey guys, hope you are well and crack-a-lackin

CHASE streetwear is a Luxe Apparel for the urban milennial. That is streetwear for the hip and happening! If that is you, then you definitely have to get on board. Myself and a few bloggers were asked to style some CHASE clothing the way we feel fit and because we all are different, we styled it that way. This is a clear indication that CHASE clothing is for any individual and that you can get creative with it to suit your individual self.


My favourite piece of the collection is their Jackets, I mean really guys let’s just take a moment to appreciate. It’s the perfect necessity in the weather we are having, great to carry around for when you’re hit with the chilly air of Cape Town but not too thick to smother you in heat (#greatful)



You can check them out on Facebook or stay tuned for their new website coming soon!


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