Hi beauties,

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to try a JSM lingerie piece , an online only lingerie brand which is produced in South Africa and consists of handmade sought after lace garments. The elegant pieces are designed to provide women with comfort while still feeling sexy as they go about their everyday lives.

JSM is a start-up company by a lovely woman named Janine, who saw the gap in the market for comfortable, elegant yet affordable underwear.

It is very comfortable to the point that I definitely want more! You know how sometimes the lace attached to underwear can irritate the skin, I am very happy to report that with JSM that does not happen. So you can feel sexy and secretive without any annoyance on your lady area.

There are many designs on the site (Just Say Maybe) and since it’s online it is easier to purchase- this is great to all those who would much rather prefer to avoid people (hehe). Not only do they have bottoms but they do Camisoles as well so there’s something for everyone. This is great especially with everyone getting married in this time, will make great Bridal Shower gifts…. Just saying (wink wink)

You can find them on Facebook and Instagram if you would like to know more. Another cool thing that they have added to their site is a sizing guide so that when you order you know exactly which size to indicate. How helpful isn’t that?!

Own it , Live it – Wear it and embrace the Just Say Maybe in your day


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