Hey all my naturalistas, if you’re like me you know Coconut Oil is life!! Well, there’s a new product on the market that not only combines all the essentials we need for our curls but the wonderful Coconut Oil as well…. whoop whoop!

Liesl Katzen, the founder of Curl Chemistry and a naturalista herself, has launched this hair product made with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil and Castor Oil (all the important oils rolled up in one jar). You’ll be happy to know that the cream is sulphate, paraben and silicone free and it’s manufactured in the beauty that is Cape Town.


When you open the container and take a big sniff it literally smells like you opened up a jar of fruits in the Bahamas, Which is great seeing that we all want our hair to smell delicious (as tempting as it smells don’t eat it!)

I applied a generous amount to my wet hair and massaged it in from the roots to my ends, I used my fingers to comb the product through my hair while my head is tilted over. I find this easier to do because I can easily feel my hair untangling and this method just works for me. Everyone has a technique that works for them so by all means do it your way. Once Im finished with that,I take a very small amount to just do my front hair and whatever is left on my hands I scrunch in the ends of my hair (by now I have my head upright again)



I love to air dry my hair but you can choose to diffuse or use the t-shirt method. After my hair was dry I honestly fell in love with the product all over again. My curls were super defined and didn’t feel sticky at all which is a major plus. For a healthy head of curls with products we all know our hair needs this is the go-to summer essential hair product for all you curly girls wanting to embrace your hair in the best way.


*These images are my hair once it’s been air dried*

You can order yours by popping an email to curlchemistry@gmail.com and find them on Facebook

p.s… if you are starting your curly hair routine it may take awhile before your curls start popping the way you want, that is because of the heat damage or relaxers you may have been using over the years before deciding to embrace your natural hair. Don’t give up! Your hair will love you for pushing through!




  1. Love the blog, your hair is gorgeous. Quick question, also a natural girl living in CT and wondering where you did your colour, it’s beautiful, trying to find a hairstylist to trust the fro to.

    • Charnelle Van der Ross Reply

      Hi!! Omgoodness I really need to work on my replies! I done my colour at this lady I knoe (that sounds so sketch but I promise it’s not) She made it brown first and then added highlights. I usually just go back to redo my roots and add more highlights that’s why my hair looks so “textured”