Hey beauties, if you’re a busy girl like myself you often notice that when you’re frantically packing your bag (because you’re late and decide to just do your make up on the way) and that sad moment when you realize you forgot something that you needed then this is a deffo must for you!

Thanks to Benefit Cosmetics (literally saving people like you and I) from make up drama have brought out a Lipstick and Liner in one! Of course I had to swatch it and see if it lives up to the hype.

It comes in a little cute box with 4 colours inside such as Flame Game, Pink Thrills, Revved Up Red and Lusty Rose (in order below). It’s in the shape of  a teardrop so that you can easily apply it over your lips, so it gives you a line as well as the filling. It’s not shiny so if you would like you can always opt to add a see-through gloss on top of it to make it pop and shimmer, it’s all up to you.


I prefer the Lusty Rose and Pink thrills for more of an everyday lip colour as it’s not so “shocking” and I wont look like Im dressed up. For a night out I will definitely do the Revved up Red or Flame Game as it’s more of a “look at me Ima own the night” feel to it. Some ladies though, can rock this type of look during the day so I say go for it if you’re comfortable. Slay baby slay!!




img_9071aIt stays on long enough for you to go about your day but I just needed to reapply near the end of the day as I eat like a 5 year old, if you suffer from this same problem then carry it around in your bag (it’ll fit trust me) to reapply when you feel you’re a bit faded. Although, if you eat like a normal person then you might not experience said problem.


Over all, I think this is a much needed item to have in your kit because if you’re in a rush and found out you forgot your liner or stick then just pop this little baby out and Voila! One swipe (or if you’re greedy like me 2 swipes) and you’re good to go.

Available at Red Square Online


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