Hi there,

Goodness gracious me, it feels like forever since I’ve made a post but I am glad to be back.

First of all: Happy New Year!! 

What a crazy year 2016 has been for me and Im sure for you as well. So many things has happened to and around us that I think we all are rather happy and amped for 2017 to be an even better year.

So if you haven’t noticed I changed my blogs name from TierraPaz to LadiElle

(why Charnelle why?) – mainly due to the fact that when I meet new people and for potential future collabs the one thing that was the hardest for them was pronouncing my blog name and remembering it, which isn’t the best If you’re trying to stand out. After much thought and deliberation (haha I sound so big) I decided that for the growth of my blog I need to do something. I picked this name mostly because it’s the last part of my name (charnELLE) and importantly it comes from my favourite animal Elephants. It just worked. It just clicked.

This year is going to be amazing I declare that over my life and to you reading this. I don’t make New Years resolutions because I know for a fact that by February (cough cough Birthday month) it will all be forgotten. But I want to enjoy this life I was given and live it out to its maximum capacity, I think we should all try and do that for this year and the next.

Oh! For those who don’t know….. Im ENGAGED!!! (excited face) And everyday I still get excited and butterflies when I think about it or even look at my fingers. This year will be filled with wedding planning and as stressful as that may be I have decided to share the process with you and if I find an easier way of doing things I will definitely share (those who are in the process as well please feel free to share with me)

That’s all for now….. folks.

Hahaha kidding, but keep an eye on this blog for more exciting things, more collabs and competitions.




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