Hey beauties, Yaaaaaay it’s almost February and that means BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!…..

Golly (who says golly?!) You know the excitement you feel in your stomach when your birthday month approaches and although you only are birthed on one specific day you cant help but feel giddy for the entire month leading up to it?? That’s me right now.

My birthday is on the 7th February and I’ll be turning 24, whoop whoop!! And since it’s my birthday month I thought I would do something nice for you guys. So I have partnered up with SwiitchBeauty to do this awesome Beauty hamper to the value of R1250.00! I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want that.

 For me as a person of colour I’m always skeptical when it comes to eyeshadows because most products are made for lighter skin and us coloured girls have to apply million coats for it to show (and not fade away during the day am I right?) So I was rather eager to try out the SlaysForDays palette and see if it lives up to the hype.

And yes! It sure does. It is highly pigmented so it takes on any skin tone and because of it’s price it really is easy to get your hands on it. I carry it around with me almost wherever I go, it’s packaged so neatly that you can just slip it in its box and carry it around with you and not have to worry about the palette cracking or crusting. I cannot wait to try out their other products and let you guys know how it is. The best part, it’s cruelty free!

n the Hamper you will get the SlaysForDays Palette, GlowGasmPalette, 8piece Eyeshadow Brush Set & JellyBeautyBlender

To Enter:

1. Follow me on @LadiElle and SwiitchBeauty 

2. Like us on Facebook 

3. Repost/Share the images from my Instagram (competition pics) and use the hashtag #SwiitchBxElle

4. Tag your friends and comment “I want to win”

*FB & Instagram entries count, Enter as many times as you’d like to increase your chances*

*Competition ends the 24th February*

The founder of SwiitchBeauty is Rabia and she started this in 2014 in her bedroom! How amazing isn’t that, from her bedroom to now shipping worldwide. From watching youtube makeup tutorials (as one does) and realizing that there is a serious lack for product options in South Africa, she began her research.

“I could not walk into a store & bust 200 bucks on a lipstick. I figured, there were probably other girls out there with the same problem. Girls who needed something that wouldn’t break the bank, but would deliver results at the same time. At SwiitchBeauty you can pick up quality products for as little as R35 & you NEVER have to pay for delivery. I am passionate about the kind of products I put into the market. Affordability is key, but that never means that quality is compromised. I am involved in every step of the manufacturing process. From formulation to packaging. All SwiitchBeauty products are cruelty free & majority of the brushes are vegan. Customer satisfaction is something that is really key in my company. If a customer is dissatisfied for any reason, a lot of the time there is a lesson to learn from it. Things like that are never taken lightly because as a startup, any kind of feedback is valuable. “

I vouch 100% for this company and I say if you want quality products that won’t break your bank then this is the place to go.

 SwiitchBeauty – Safe, easy and fast!

Instagram: @SwiitchBeauty

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me… and also you! haha



  1. Melanie Pretorius Reply

    Such an awesome competition and you look absolutely stunning ?

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