Hi darls,

If you know me well you’ll know that Im a big big BIG foodie lover!! I am so blessed to have a fiance’ that loves eating as well (hahahaha) so we often try new places that we haven’t been before.

Thanks to the gym every.single.morning…..  we are able to treat ourselves every now and then.

We decided to try The Loading Bay,which Im ashamed to say I haven’t heard of before he told me about it, last week Sunday. It is such a cute little place!! Okay, it’s actually quite big but it’s divided into two sections..okay maybe three: one part is the restaurant, the other a clothing store and on top a store called Aesop that has skin, hair and body products.

It was so packed!! But we waited seeing that more and more people came to the restaurant which means it had to be good. The service of the staff was super friendly, even though it was jampacked they made sure their customers where either treated to water or arranged them a seat near the window while they waited. The interior was super cool,  there were lights hanging from the ceiling which you know makes for a great ambience and some funky wood ornaments attached to the white walls.

It was rather windy so we sat inside but on any other day outside will be ideal. To drink I had White Ice and Maurice (oh, Im not sure if I’ve mentioned his name before) had the Cold brew Coffee. I have this weird fear of cold coffee just because I hate when normal coffee stands for too long and gets cold. You know that taste?? But this was surprisingly good and I think I am now hooked on ice coffee.

For brunch we had their buttermilk pancakes… I wanted to try the Avocado with sourdough and a poached egg but I didn’t want to have to share a plate of pancakes! I think we made a good choice because the pancakes are really filling, it’s served with mascarpone, seasonal berries and walnuts and if you want to be extra you could add a scoop (or 2) of their vegan ice-cream. I would order it again because it tasted fluffy and light and the fruits that accompany it make you feel like those instagram healthy people. You know, the yoga-posing-beach-ones.

According to Maurice it was “amazeballs”.

The vibe is so cool, one of the top places that I definitely want to plop my butt in to again. Although this time, I would get there earlier and choose way more things to eat… probably wear a loose pants for space! hahaha. The Loading Bay is now one of my top spots and you should try it too!

 You’re welcome 🙂


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