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If you read my previous post you would know that Friday my fiance’ and I went to the Cafe Frank tasting after work for lunch. Many of you will know the Bree Street Branch for their ‘Slow Fast Food’ but you’ll be pleased to know that they’ve taken that same philosophy to a second store located in the new urban square at Century City. We were supposed to go to Signal Hill after for a evening picnic for my moms birthday but due to the weather that wasn’t possible 🙁 instead we had a picnic at home with sushi and lots of food choices yummy!

Back to the tasting:

The cafe itself is sleek and light and big with its volume ceilings, oak tables, wooden floors, copper highlights (I love copper and white- my interior for our house one  day hehe) and greenery. There’s plentiful outdoor seating with umbrellas for those who would like to be in the fresh air and next to the rushing canal. We picked inside. The vibe is open and relaxed where you could dine alone (grab a bite during your lunch time or takeaways for home) or meet up with some friends.

CafĂ© Frank has created the SLOW FOOD, FAST concept to fulfil the demand of busy people wanting wholesome, fresh food fast, without having to compromise on quality and flavour. The entire precinct has free access to fibre, there is plenty of parking and it is easily accessible to and from the N1. Their menu changes daily and you can sign up to their Facebook page for the day’s menu or email them on info@cafefrank.com

The lunch menu at CafĂ© Frank retains some staples throughout the week, freshly made everyday (food crazes may come and go, but a fresh green salad, a juicy rotisserie chicken and a perfect dark chocolate brownie will never go out of style), but the collective offering changes daily and the selection is chalked up onto a blackboard. The concept is the same as that of their Bree Street shop, with the day’s selection beautifully laid out on the glass counter;- fresh wholesome salads, free-range rotisserie chickens, creamy vegetarian quiche and light and crispy phyllo pies. Select your main item, and add any number of salads. You order and pay at the counter, and by the time you choose a seat at one of the oak dining tables, your food is served. Slow Food, Fast.

I had the light crisp phyllo pie and Maurice had the rotisserie chicken and both of us added potatoes. To my delight my food was really warm and tasty, the meat was soft and flavourful, Maurice enjoyed his chicken thoroughly but still nibbled from my plate. That’s how yummy the pie was! He said and I quote “it was dik lekker!”. I think Ice coffee is becoming my thing as we both picked that for our drink and guys, let me tell you, amazing! It’s in a slushy machine so it has the thickness of a milkshake but you still get a good dosage of caffeine on your palette. Hmmmm….. I will try their desserts next time. I’ll consider it my cheat day hahaha.

 Email your name to apex@cafefrank.com to receive your one-off 15% discount voucher.

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