Hi guys, It’s Wednesday but it feels like the most Monday-est day ever (is that a word? Now it is) I hope you guys had a beautiful day of rest even though it was gone as fast as it came.

If you haven’t noticed by now how great and magnificent the Curly Hair Movement has become, where girls are finally freeing themselves from straighteners and heat damage and returning to their natural roots, encouraging one another and giving each other tips on how to make their hair extra bouncy or shiny or coconutey (Okay, I’m just going to put it out there that I am really in a mood to make up my own words right now 😀 ).  I honestly love the way the naturals stands up for each other especially since the fact that when I was growing up I often tried hiding my curls or only wearing it around my family for the fear of being teased.

I expect that most curly girls will be attending the Curls & Cocktails event happening this weekend and as all tickets are sold out you’ll be happy to know that there will be another such event before the Cape Town Natural Hair Fest at the end of the year. Keep your eyes on their FacebookPage for details. This event is for Naturalistas to come together and discuss hair and tips and there will be a panel discussion, as well as a chance for you to meet a natural that you’ve stalked on Instagram (lets be honest, we all do this)

The Lovely Eleanor J’adore answered some of my questions just so that we all could get to know her a little more before Saturday and get hyped for the C&C Event.

1. Could you give us some background information about you (name, your upbringing)
My name is Eleanor Barkes, but online I’m known as Eleanor J’adore where I blog about natural hair, beauty and lifestyle related topics. 
2. What inspired you to get involved or kickstart the natural hair movement?
It happened quite by accident. I started looking for natural ways to take care of my hair in 2013 while I was living in Tokyo when my hair started to break really badly during the cold dry Japanese winter. Upon nursing my curls back to health, I decided to start documenting my hair journey on my blog http://eleanorjadore.com/ . Soon after starting my blog I began to meet beautiful naturalistas all over the world. One of them was Amanda Cooke, aka @capetowncurly. We hit it off and she soon invited me to start Cape Town Naturally along with Kasuba Stuurman, Chantal De Cock and Simone Thomas.
3. How long have you been a naturalista?Have you always been confident about wearing your hair in its natural form?
I’ve been on a healthy hair journey since February 2013, but the last time I relaxed my hair was some time in 2010, so it’s been quite a while now. For the most part I have always been confident to wear my hair in its natural form.
4. What can guests expect at the Curls and Cocktails event and what made you decide to host such an event?
At Curls & Cocktails guests can expect to interact and mingle with likeminded naturalistas over a light dinner and drinks. There’ll be product giveaways and competitions. Guests can also expect to hear natural hair stories from their peers and generally just look forward to an evening of fun with other curly girls.
5. Any advice you can give to those on the verge of returning to their natural state and afraid of doing so.
If you’re thinking about it just do it, but make sure you’re doing it for you. Don’t do it because natural hair seems to trending right now. Make sure you are sure about why you want to return natural. Once you’re comfortable you know why, go for it and never look back. There will be naysayers along the road, but don’t pay them no mind and just continue to stay strong on your journey. Join Cape Town Naturally where you’ll be among a community of individuals with the same concerns and questions. Here members share product information, hair styling techniques and generally inspire each other on their hair journeys. 

I love the part where she says “Don’t do it because natural hair seems to be trending right now” which is so important because if you do it for you, you will put in more effort to take care of your hair and treat it with patience like it needs. I am really excited for what is to come for the natural hair movement and I’m expecting to see great things from all you guys!


p.s…… hope to see you all there 🙂





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