Hi guys, In less than a year (happy dance) I will be getting married!! My fiance’ and I are in the planning process and we are now at the stages of finalizing the “mock up”, which is actually far seeing that it’s only next year!

It’s a tale as old as time that the first man a girl has ever loved will be her father, he is the one that was there when she fell down, helped her up, dusted her off and encouraged her to go on. He is the one man in our lives that we can depend on to always be there, whether it’s pushing us on the swings or tucking us in at night, or helping us take thorns/glass out our feet when we can’t find it ourselves (my dad actually done this for me Monday night when I walked into broken glass and couldn’t locate the second small piece still in my foot. ouch)

Every fathers desire is for their daughters to find a good honest decent man and knowing that when he walks her down the aisle and gives her off to her future husband, she will be safe and loved and taken care of…like he done for her. With that on my mind I was wondering what can I get my dad as a “father-of-the-bride” wedding gift to say thank you for all the years of everything that he has done for me. With it already being so difficult to get a male any kind of gift (ladies am I right?) I’m thankful for the watch collection at American Swiss.

The Diesel Mega Chief which is an oversized chronograph on a brown leather strap with a touch of red was perfect. Since watches are a timeless piece (get it….time? timeless? :)) it really will last a lifetime if you get a good brand.

If you are engaged or really close to tying the knot and you’re also up in arms thinking of the perfect gift for your dad. There are so many watches to choose from on the American Swiss website that will make a great gift to your father on your wedding day. Show that you appreciated all the time and love he has sowed into your life and although you can’t give him the world you can give him something to remember the walk you will be taking together. Pair it with a tie/belt (that he can wear on the day) with a little note and it will be beautiful.

Check them out on Instagram: @AmericanSwissza  #MyIDoJourney

Keep an eye on the blog for more posts regarding weddings, the engaged journey, as I will be doing more posts like these as well as make-up looks and hairstyles that you can get inspired from for your big day!

To those who are engaged and just gotten engaged recently….

CONGRATULATIONS and happy planning 🙂

Photographer: Larry x Tatum | Delmaine Donson 


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