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So with each day approaching your Big Day is getting closer and closer. To all the newly engaged, Congratulations!! So far my fiance and I have almost-almost sorted most things out (in our heads hahaha) but still need to go view our mock up. Another important thing on the list that can now be ticked off: Mother of the Bride gift.

An important member of your family is of course your mother. What better way to say thank you for all the years they have clothed you, fed you and taken care of you and patiently taught you how to cook other than a beautiful necklace from American Swiss. Not forgetting the memorable moments you would lock heads and argue and then be good with each other a few minutes later. Oh good times hahaha. I know most of us would love to buy our mothers the world but really, all we can afford is a scented candle……Don’t be dismayed there are so many beautiful affordable pieces in the catalogue that you can check out here.

A circle represents never ending, eternity and timelessness which is why I picked this one to show my mom that my love for her is never ending. That although I will be leaving the nest to start my own with my new family, I will always be her little girl. This necklace is also very dainty and delicate as my mom isn’t one for huge things hanging from her neck so if your mom is the same, this would be the perfect Mother of the Bride gift.

You can put it in a nice little box with a sweet note and some chocolates (because chocolates! I mean… come on). If you’re going to hand it to your mom on your wedding day add some tissues or a handkerchief with the box because you know that’s going to start the tears.

…….Love always, your daughter…..

#MyIDoJourney | American Swiss

Photographer: @LarryxTatum | @DelmaineDonson




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