Hi guys,

In less than a year (really) I am going to be Mrs.Lakey!! 🙂 eeeeek queue the wedding bells. I love the story of how we met and I get that question quite often from friends and family and even my followers. I am hoping to do a little Q & A with the Mister if he agrees ( 😀 ), perhaps a video? Anyways, that’s for later for now though lets get down to the Big Day.

Your BIG DAY is not only your special day but also your Fiance’s, yes yes it is. This is also his wedding and even though all eyes and most of the attention will be on the bride (bats eyelids) we have to make sure that the Groom also looks and feels fantabulous. For me, I know my Fiance’ is a crazy fanatic over watches. He literally makes us stop at almost every shops window, sometimes we have to actually go inside to look, to check out the watches. Guys, I’m not even kidding right now. To be honest, I don’t mind because then I can drag him into all the stores I wanna go! 🙂 hehe.

Naturally my selection for the Grooms gift came about so easy and with the big selection from American Swiss  it made my job even easier! I picked out a simple yet classy watch for him as he isn’t really a big-show-off  kind of guy. The Daniel Wellington with the dark brown strap was the perfect fit, this can be worn on the wedding day since it will compliment every colour and make for stunning pictures. This watch is so nice I want to get me the female version so so badly!! *Insert crying emoji*

He is so smart and funny and makes me feel special in every single way by showering me with all his love, time and attention. I had to show him (even in a small way) that I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him ! Image result for heart emoji

Beautiful Shots by : Tegan Smith Photography

Watch: Daniel Wellington | American Swissza

Glasses: Dolce & Gabana



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