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If you like getting gifts and like being surprised whether that surprise is from someone else or yourself, then let me introduce to you Fond Of Jane. It is a subscription that delivers curated boxes filled with products ranging from fashion, beauty, fitness, health and wellness right to your door. It is literally you giving yourself  a cute box every month and why not, I mean, you deserve it.

Every month, subscribers will receive a variety or unique products that promotes heathy living so that members can live a life of abundance.

“At Fond of Jane we think of our members as holistic individuals- not just a fitness girl or a beauty girl, but rather a woman with a full spectrum of needs and interests.”

It is delivered across South Africa for only R299 per month. With all the goodies inside your box, subscribers also get to hand pick their own tailor made item each month whether it be colour, size or flavour of that specific product. How cute?! You can enjoy a fabulous box of surprises each month straight at your door which saves you time with human interaction (haha long lines for what?)

April is their first ever box and when it got sent to me I really felt that excitement to see what’s in the box! You know that feeling, when you rip open the seal…ahhh so good!. My fiance’ already drank my coconut water ( 🙁 ) but atleast everything else I get to keep for myself. My favourite is the Thomas Robert Macaroon lipbalm. I love macaroons so this is legit the cutest gift for me. I carry it around everywhere so I can easily apply it when needed.  Included in the box is a nice facial hydrating oil, cream from skin creamery, a mini journal, an online shopping voucher and a cute gift from Lilli.

You can cancel or pause your subscription any time and also, you can buy a monthly box for someone else and give them a little nice surprise.

Go on, Treat yourself! 🙂

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