Hi guys,

Many people ask me what kind of wedding am I going to have, big? small? colourful? natural hair?…. You would be surprised just how much although I am sure most bride-to-be’s experience that as well. So we get to ramble on about our many ideas without giving too much info away. Hahaha, gotta have some element of surprise.

For my wedding on the actual big day I have decided to have my hair straightened in an up style, out of my face but still pretty and very romantic. Due to the up style my ears might pop out and so I decided to put on these gorgeous earrings. It has just the right amount of “hangy-ness” (not a word 🙂 ) so that it doesn’t drop down on to my shoulders but still can be seen with this kind of hairstyle. You could do it with studs which would at the end of the day be easier to put on if your hands are shaking from your excited nerves.

This hairstyle was done really quick as a trial (I done it myself don’t judge hahah) but will be done better and more detailed on my big day with flowers in it of course…..you know how much I love flowers. Also, these earrings make for great pictures!

Photographer: Tegan Smith Photography

Dress: Shana Morland

Jewellery: American Swiss (shop range here)

MUA: Areeba Baker



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