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If you haven’t heard of Boho Body then I am happy to be the one to introduce you to them. In short it is a all natural, hand made bath and body products that are locally and proudly made by 5 strong women. The natural part is what intrigued me because let’s be real, ain’t no way like the natural way.

BohoBody sent me the cutest box which contained their Coconut Rose moisturizing tea bath salt and a Clay Polish which is a coconut milk face polish to review. You can see when you open the box that they take much pride in their work because everything is neat and specially wrapped and placed. When you open the Clay Polish jar you can immediately get that good whiff of coconut goodies……hmmm. I applied it on my face and washed it off after a few minutes, I could feel my face feels a lot more hydrated and softer. The Rose bath salt is beautifully packaged and it smells amazing. Definitely something you need for a great relaxing pamper bath time.

Speaking about pampering, these products would make for a wonderful Mothers day gift! Since it already comes boxed and ready to be gifted you could just add a necklace or a chocolate ontop and voila! Thoughtful gift for Mothers Day. It is 100% natural, vegan and handmade.

Watch this space for a competition soon… great way to win something beautiful for your Mom!

1. What/Who is BOHO BODY about and how did it start?

So Boho Body is an all natural bath and body skincare brand and online store

that comprises of 5 woman who are really passionate about all things natural. We

believe in living a clean, healthy life and having fun while doing it. We know that

true beauty is found in the simplicity of nature and we just wanted our products to

embody all of that goodness.

Our love for making our own skin and hair care products started a couple of

years ago when we decided to go natural (we’re talking about our hair). From

then on our passion and knowledge of natural ingredients and mixtures grew

and thats how Boho Body started. We wanted to share what we loved with

others, because whats the point of living if you’re not sharing the love haha.

2. Can you give us a little individual information about the two generations


So the two generations involved is our mother (we love you mum) and us her four daughters

3. What ingredients are used in your products and where is it made?

Our products are made from scratch at our humble home, from all natural, mostly

organic and vegan ingredients such as organic coconut oil, virgin olive oil, kaolin

clay, seaweed extract (kelp) , Japanese Matcha green tea, turmeric powder, tea

tree oil and so much more. You can find all the ingredients listed under each

product on www.boho-body.com. We are really clear about all the ingredients

used for each product. We don’t like using scientific terms for our ingredients. We

like knowing exactly what we’re buying so we’re sure our customers feel the

same way.

4. You do face and bath directed products, can we expect any hair products

in the future?

Yes of course! That is definitely the plan! We are natural heads ourselves so that

is a very important part of who we are. We believe that a woman’s hair is her

crowning glory so why not create products to feed her crown!

5. What is your favourite product to use from your range?

Even though we share the same blood, our tastes are very diverse and we

simply just like different things. Different scents and different flavours but our

desire for our products are still the same. Boho Body is passionate about

producing the best all natural products so you can be sure that you are receiving

a wonderfully decadent recipe to start and end your day. I think each of the

products we have made is loved and favourited by one or all of us.

You can find them on Instagram here 🙂

Check out their website Boho Body for more great products.



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