Hi guys,

I was sitting and thinking what’s a great gift idea for my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid just something to say thank you for their help in my wedding process. Help and support from loved ones when needed really play such a big role in our lives and especially when the stress of a wedding is added, that’s when we need them more! I thought about it for a bit and I decided that to say a very special thank you to the ladies (that will be holding my dress up while I use the bathroom and making sure my mascara doesn’t run haha) with a unique necklace with their Initial on it.

Nothing says personalized than that. This necklace is from American Swiss and what I love about it is that you can go and select the colour that you wish them to have or that you know they will prefer. You can pick between White, Yellow and Rose Gold and if you want to be extra you could even have their full name on the necklace. I picked the initials simply because it’s more dainty-like and it can even be passed on… if they have kids/grandkids with a name starting with their letters (sjoe, Im already jumping the gun! 🙂 ) If you want, you can add some sweets or chocolates or flowers when you present them with the gift.

You can find them and shop them here, this also makes for a great birthday gift!


even a Mothers day gift, simply select the name pendant option and have them spell out “MOM”.



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