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There’s something about eating out for breakfast, whether it’s a breakfast meeting or catching up with friends on the weekend. It’s a treat without being extravagant, a time when you want something sustaining, comforting and not too fussy yet nutritious enough to get you through the day. PRIMI’s newly launched breakfast menu fits the bill perfectly and while they still have their selection of timeless breakfast classics, they’ve come up with some sparkling new dishes that put the zing back into comfort food and leave you feeling well fed, healthy and happy.

Chef Natale Schotti who has been at the helm of PRIMI’s recipe development for the last year, her food background embracing the whole of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. She is passionate about using ancient traditions such as fermenting foods to add both flavour and nutritional value. “The doughs we use for our breads and pizza are fermented and aged for at least 48 hours,” says Natale,“so you get a much better eating experience, a lot lighter.”

Myself and fiance’ along with other media guys will be out at the Waterfront this Saturday to test their new menu, I am very amped as you might know I am a big lover of food, will be wearing something loose for space (hahaha)

I will be doing a review in next week and let you know how I found the experience and most importantly the food 🙂

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