Hi beauties,

So sorry I’ve been quiet lately, been extremely busy with work and planning! ­čÖé But I am back now with some goodies…

It is a little hard juggling blogging and a full time job but I honestly love it. Getting to meet fun and interesting people through blogging is definitely such a high, although some groups are already tight and almost like a click you can always count on meeting a friendly new face.

Anyways, that’s a convo for another time ­čÖé For now let me give you the low down on the outie. The top I got sometime ago but haven’t worn it yet and so decided to bring a little colour out of it by adding the denim jacket. I knew I wanted to do a semi-edgy look so I knew black was going to be my base. I am sure you would’ve seen the net socks all over instagram (it makes for good pictures haha) so I got me a pair and added it to some heels that I already had and it looks like a new shoe! I was really happy to see that it made the outfit look complete.


That’s the thing with an outfit, you don’t always have to buy something completely new, you could just buy a smaller item like the socks or a jacket or a bag even and combine it with something old and you have a new look going on.


 Heatless waves

I braided my hair on both sides in the JailBraid plait and slept in in overnight, in the morning I loosely undone it and there we go! Messy wavy hair. This was a first try for me but I was digging the result! Well, back to natural curls now ­čÖé I desperately need to get my ends cut but I am so terrified! Can you relate??

Photographer: Chanelle Malambo 





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