Hey beauties,

It is no secret that just like any other natural head out there I too am a product junkie. Goodness if you could see my bathroom closet and all the magical products that hide in there you would go shopping!! I got sent some DOVE  hair products a few weeks ago and I think you know that by now I like to use something for a while before giving a review. Well, to me it means I’m actually testing the product out and can then give my honest opinion on it instead of using it once and making a hard decision.

I was ready for wash day as I had my hair straight because of the weather (geewizz I need a new diffuser so bad!)

I washed my hair with the Shampoo and Conditioner as normal. It says on the bottle for dull and dry hair, my hair is far from “dull” but yes I do have dry ends (that I really should cut btw). My hair felt moisturized and rather pleasant after conditioning and using the detangler to seperate my curls. I must say the shampoo made my hair feel sticky-ish but all Shampoos do that to my hair to be honest. I love that these products have somewhat of a subtle smell to it so it’s nothing like hectic on the nostrils which is nice sometimes. The conditioner is always the best am I right? Just the way it makes your hair feel is amazing and this one is deffo a hit.

I used to, back in the day, do a home treatment on my hair where I would massage the Dove gold jar in my hair (forgot the name), wrap my hair in a plastic bag 🙂 and sit under our home-hairdresser-dryer… you know that one they put you under if you got rollers in?. I was extremely happy when I opened my box and saw they added a treatment mask as well so you know I got my hair stuck in that!! I done the same thing i.e plastic wrap and under the dryer for a few minutes and my hair felt so so so good afterwards! Like, so good!

I am going to continue this treatment say every 2nd weekend and hopefully it restores my hair to its fullest potential. I am very happy with the way my hair came out and how glorious my crown looks and feels. My hair feels really soft, which is great seeing that I love pushing my face against my Fiances (hahahaa).


You can purchase your own Dove products at Clicks or Dischem


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There you go darling you’ve entered!! All the best to you all





  1. Carolyn Augustus Reply

    I tagged Cameron Fortuin on Facebook – I have dull unruly hair that gets oily super quick and frizzes just as easily

  2. My hair tends to get so dry that I can barely get a comb through it. Looking for a product that moisturizes without making it too oily?

  3. Terrilee Ferreira Reply

    My hair straight after a wash n dry feels soft, smooth think but the next day its feels oily n thin as if it falling out the 3rd day dry n dead, going to a hair dresser is a waste of money

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