Hi ya’ll,  as the days go by it means one step closer to me promising to love and to hold in front of close family and friends. Geewizzz, soon it’s going to be “50 days until…” or even “20 days until…”. It’s really all exciting and I have so many butterflies in my tummy!!

As of now I already have most things ticked off my list with the wedding dress being the most special (ofcourse!) I decided not to show anything of the dress yet because I still want the ooo’s and aaahhh’s when I make my entrance. If you know what I mean, plus, I for sure want my fiance’s jaw to be on the floor when he first sees me and not have that moment ruined by my blog.

I only have 2 bridesmaids for the day which is my Maid of Honor Michaela and my cousin Sjinead. Everyone always asks me what are my colours for the wedding and the only actual colour is Blush, Everything else is white and green from the trees and flowers. I knew exactly what I wanted from the moment we started the wedding planning, I mean, every girl dreams of this right? I want it to be beautiful and the style or idea around the wedding is very Fairytale Rustic Vibes. So think, flowers and trees and lights. Pinterest helped out like, a lot! I have so many ideas and looking through Pinterest helped  but once I had my final decided I tried staying away because your brain will be so exposed to lots of things that you end up changing and changing.

I would love to have my wedding adorned with flowers in every corner but that’s impossible because damn! Flowers are so expensive (hahaha) So I picked a venue that offered loads of green scenery already. Score! Right now I am busy with the save-the-dates. Well, not me but my designer is. I already gave the go ahead of what I wanted and really excited to see it once its done. I will be sharing it with you guys so be sure to check out my Instagram. Another question I get asked and one we have spoken about since we got our venue is Honeymoon. 🙂  (I’ve already started getting cute stuff to wear and take with hahaha)

That is a big deal and still not fully decided but we have a few places in mind. We might stay local and visit some pretty spots around Cape Town BUT we might travel overseas!! Eeeeek, I get all giddyy when we speak about the possibilities. I at first wanted to go to Thailand and Bali but we watched a movie where all havoc broke loose (No Escape) and kinda scared us from those type of destinations!

Places I’d love to visit is Bora Bora, Paris , Hawaii but my top spot would be Greece..oh with all those beautiful white walls and islands!!

A frequent question is my hair. Everyone knows I mostly wear my hair natural and big and curly but for my wedding I want an upstyle with little flowers or accessories in the updo, with my hair curly I’m unsure if it will co-operate with us on that day. Naturals know what I mean, sometimes we hope for the best when doing our hair but in reality it does its own thing (hahaha).



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