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So as you all know I attended the Clicks Curls event at the Spier Wine Estate on the 16th September with a whole lotta Naturalistas! The turn out was amazing, it went from small puffs to curly coils to big-ass afros!! The one thing I love about a natural event is that everyone is always so friendly and occasionally you will get longing stares at the volume of your hair and even find yourself longingly staring at someone else’s.

The event was hosted by Amanda du-Pont and Siv Ngesi and the location was so so beautiful, would love to go there again for like anything ( 🙂 ) There was a section where you could go from stall to stall to get some products and learn about the product as well, although this made for some interaction, it also caused for people wanting to eagerly get to ALL the products before it was all gone. Let me tell you, product junkies would lose their minds there!!

I like trying different products that Clicks has to offer but of course the ones that work for your hair best are the ones you tend to buy more often. So I’ve compiled a list in no particular order of the products that I really love and would recommend you try it too and let  me know if it works for you….


My Natural Hair

These products are for me Holy grail, must have, got to have it, need!! I have become obsessed with the Curling Cream tub and conditioner in their range. It ofcourse smells delicious (as most natural products do let’s just be honest) but it works soo sooo good. The shampoo is nourishing and doesn’t do that sticky-hair feeling after you’ve washed your hair. The conditioner makes my curls pop and leaves it looking moisturized which is a major plus.


Shea Moisture

The Strengthen and Restore leave-in conditioner is such a hit. It’s first of all a huge tub so it should last you quite a while (even if you take huge amounts like I do hahaha) and secondly it has that good good smell. My mom is currently using this tub and she has no complaints about it at all, on the Clicks Shelves they have many different products in Shea Moisture so you can sort yourself out and your kiddo.


Design Essentials

My favourite from this brand will have to be their Coconut and Monoi water curl refresher! It smells like, like, I have no words to describe it but let’s just say a girl asked me what perfume Im wearing and I was like “no honey it’s my hair” . It is such a handy product that you NEED in your bag. It comes in a travel size that I carry with me almost everywhere and it’s about R79.00 at Clicks but you could get the bigger bottle for R200+… You can spritz your hair in the morning quickly to give it some life again without having to wash or wet your hair for the day and people wont even know because it smells like just styled hair.

Garnier Ultimate Blends

The Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter shampoo and conditioner are really great products. I’ve tried them before and was rather satisfied with the results, this particular range is good for dry hair so if you have dry and dull hair this would be great for you. The shampoo does that sticky hair thing which Im not really a fan of but the conditioner makes it all better 🙂

TreSemme Botanique

I have used this product when it was launched and I dont hate it. It made my hair a bit easier to comb out after I used the conditioner on it but because it isn’t a leave-in product it had to be rinsed out before leaving the house. I like to air dry my hair so sometimes it wouldn’t perform depending on the weather but other times my curls would pop so honestly I have no complaints, but I would’ve liked a leave-in conditioner instead of a rinse out. I don’t know about you but I like leave-ins because I feel as if it tends to have my curls popping and bouncing throughout the entire day with less of product build up on my scalp.


I haven’t used all the products in this brand but the ones I have tried I liked. I usually go for the sachets of products because it’s so good to have good products ready for when you travel or go away for the weekend. I love the Curl Care Conditioner but would love to try the other products out, they have a wide range for any hair care needs like Volumizing, Healthy hair, Color Protection and Strengthening.


I wish I had more of this product to talk about but from what I have tried it’s really good. Olive oil is good for all hair types and it makes your scalp more healthier so that in itself promotes hair growth. I’m not saying your hair will grow overnight but if you take care of it and give it the right products/food it will thank you.


So there you go, just a few of the endless amount of Brands and products you can find at Clicks for naturalhair… really, the range is plenty!! You can go shop for the above mentioned or even trial and error ones you think would work for you. Remember, everyone has different hair and some have combinations so the best advice would be to evaluate your hair and what you want it to do or what it needs , read the ingredients and what the label says it will do and if it checks on all your blocks then go for it!

Clicks hair aisle offers many many products to cater to your hair needs so don’t worry, you’ll find what you’re looking for.











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