Hi guys,

If you saw my Insta-stories from last night you would have seen my snaps from the GHD Nocturne Collection Event held at The Grand Cafe & Beach for their new Nocturne Collection, if you haven’t yet you can view them on @ladi.elle

The day started off gloomy but I was delighted to see it started clearing up because I had a dress from YDE that I really wanted to wear! I had a shorts underneath because firstly, thick thighs but also, for the wind. Cape Town wind is very unpredictable as you might know 🙂 The event/launch itself was super nice! Welcome drinks and lights all had the Purple theme going on which was a cool aesthetic for the evening. There were GHD hair stations set up so you could go get some curls done or have your hair re-straightened if you’d like. The food was amazeballs (you know this foodie love has no limits) and the dessert…omgosh the chocolate truffle thing with ice-cream was a real treat! My favourite flavour is more!!

“GHD brings you the new nocturne collection – blurring the boundaries between night and day while delivering a myriad of styling opportunities without damage so express yourself this holiday season. Style your hair with the confidence that it’s health is being respected while doing so, the GHD nocturne range of tools includes the innovative ghd platinumâ„¢ styler nocturne collection gift set which gives you 50% less breakage* and 20% more shine**. In this seasons beautiful colours to ensure your party looks are perfect.”

What was interesting for me to see was that they catered to Natural hair as well, they have diffusers guys, diffusers! I mean, that is something I don’t think we are aware of, that GHD caters for us as well. I am keen to try it out and give you guys my thoughts on it, worth it or not?

If you would like to shop the collection you can check it out on the GHD website 

For Hair inspo and more GHD tools follow their instagram: @ghd_southafrica 


*p.s All images taken on the iPhone 8Plus 🙂 *



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