Hi guys,

Okay first thing first, I can’t believe it’s December already!! Yeah I know, it’s not like it can ever be November junior but still…..that means the wedding is like in 2 months. 2 months!!

Speaking about weddings, our Invitations are finally finished! I am so excited to share the end process with you all. Just like the Save the Dates which you can read about here, I am thrilled on the turn out of the actual invitations. Jayme from JJ Designs done an excellent job I have to say and highly recommend her for any of your stationery. Her work is incredible and again, attention to detail is everything!

So the look for our wedding is very Fairytale Rustic and I tried incorporating that within the invitations and after sitting with Jayme for the longest, we found the exact direction we were going in. I had an idea of course of what I wanted, and I knew I wanted it to be a little different than just a normal page with information on it …. something with that WOW factor

Guys, let me introduce Jax Wax. I found them online and got so so gleeful because the idea I had could possibly come to life. I contacted them and sent through our stamp design which was a simple M&C in like an olive branch pattern with the size I prefer. They do Custom Made Stamps so anything you want they can do for you, I will suggest that you do keep it simple so that nothing gets lost in the end. I felt so Royal upon receiving the stamp, it felt like I was in my own old movie! I never imagined it being so perfect.

Some history on sealing wax: it is a wax material of a seal which, after melting, hardens quickly (to paper, parchment, ribbons and wire, and other material) forming a bond that is difficult to separate without noticeable tampering.Wax is used to verify something such as a document is unopened, to verify the sender’s identity, for example with a signet ring, and as decoration. Sealing wax can be used to take impressions of other seals. Wax was used to seal letters close and later, from about the 16th century, envelopes. Before sealing wax, the Romans used bitumen for this purpose.

They have loads of colours to choose from so whatever your colour swatch is they can easily match it. I picked blush pink since that is the one colour we have for the wedding (along with white and greens) and they kindly sent some gold too which I used, of course. They do ready made stamps incase you prefer that option.

So after the invitations were done Jayme and I met up (along with her sister and my sister-in-law) to get everything ready. It was so fun, the process of melting the wax and then the final touches of using the stamp and then the big reveal…. wowza! We all had little shouts of joy when I picked the stamp up and it revealed the beautiful invitation 🙂

Thank you Jax Wax for your wonderful services, I highly recommend them if you ever want to be a little extra for your parties or wedding. They are super professional and communicate with you until you are happy with what your end result will look like. Special thanks to Lesley Deeley for helping me.

Special thanks to Jayme Stuurman from JJ Designs, for patience and incredible work. She suggested we use Twine for the covering and it complimented the look beautifully.

p.s I blurred the information so don’t worry, your eyes aren’t seeing things 


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