Hi guys,

Ever since I met my fiance’ he completely put me onto the obsession with watches. I mean, I liked them before but after him, I can’t go anywhere without a watch on my wrist. I love the finished look that a watch provides for your outfit and you just walk around like Leonardo in that meme 🙂

Since I have this new found obsession I had to get my hands on this beauty from Colton James Watches. They have many faces and straps for you to pick from and you can easily swop your straps around to suit whatever you’re feeling that particular day. I have the Arctic Silver Sterling watch and I picked this because I already have a black watch so I wanted some change in my accessories. I am eyeing that Bourbon Sunset though hehe…..    This watch matches anything I choose to wear for the day, so if you see me out I will probably be sporting this watch.

I honestly love that the straps are interchangeable, so even with my silver watch I could put a brown leather strap on and then it looks like I have a whole new watch on! Imagine, people will think you have a ton of watches but all you’re actually doing is changing the look of it. I think offering that as an extra is so cool because you could literally  be bad and boujee with one watch and like 5 different straps.

They are available at American Swiss so be sure to go check them out, it makes for beautiful gifts and will seriously last a lifetime. Receiving a watch for Christmas is a timeless gift, so why not spoil your loved ones this festive season.

You can head on over to Colton James and play around with their “watch builder” and find the perfect watch to suit you (treat yourself!) or a loved one. Im just saying, if anyone is listening……. I would like the Bourbon Sunset thanks 🙂





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